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Spiritual Direction Formation Programme 2024-2026

The Order of Discalced Carmelites, UK, are running their Spiritual Direction Formation programme again in September 2024.

The Spiritual Direction Formation Programme (Carmelite Tradition) – which has been running since September 2019 – builds on an interpretation of the experience of journeying towards intimacy with God as expressed in the life of the Carmelite saints and deriving principles from this for the growth and flourishing of the spiritual life. The programme, therefore, has its foundation in the spirituality of the Carmelite tradition. At the heart of this spirituality is a prayerful listening and response to the God who befriends us and an expression of this experience through a life of contemplative awareness and friendship with one another. One does not need to be a Carmelite or even know much of Carmelite spirituality to be part of the Programme.

If you are interested in learning more you can find all the details here